o you require a double stroller? If you’re expecting twins or are expecting a second child (and will soon need to transport both an infant and a toddler, for example), a good double stroller is undoubtedly on your wish list.

If you have more than one child, getting out of the home for a walk or visiting the mall or park without a double stroller is practically impossible. A twin stroller not only helps you get your kids from point A to point B safely and without begging to be carried, but it also helps you haul all your stuff – after all, two kids means twice the gear.

What types of double strollers are available?

Side-by-side strollers, in-line strollers, and convertible strollers are the three most common varieties of double strollers.

As the name implies, side-by-side strollers feature seats that are adjacent to one other.

Pros:  Side-by-side strollers often have the same amount of space between the seats as well as the same conveniences such as a cup or snack storage, recline, legroom, and weight limit. Side-by-sides are often simple to fold and (relatively) simple to turn and navigate, and some parents appreciate how easy it is for their children to interact. Although most side-by-sides can handle twins, certain in-lines cannot.

Cons:  Side-by-sides are more difficult to manoeuvre through tiny doorways and aisles, and more difficult to navigate through congested locations. While some parents consider having their two children so close to each other to be a benefit, others do not.

Single-file seats with one seat in front of the other are known as in-line strollers or tandem strollers. Although the two seats can be the same height, many in-line strollers incorporate “stadium seating,” which raises the back seat higher than the front for improved visibility.

Pros: In-line strollers fit through narrow doorways and aisles more easily. They also fold more compactly than side-by-sides and can be configured in numerous ways.

Cons: In-line stroller seats don’t always have the same features. One seat may have more legroom, a cup holder, or the capacity to install an infant car seat than the other. Because of their length and tendency to be more front-heavy, some parents find in-lines more difficult to turn and handle than side-by-sides.

Convertible strollers can be used as a single stroller or can be changed into a double (or even triple) stroller by adding a second seat and accessories. Although most convertible strollers are in-line, there are a few side-by-side convertible strollers available.

Pros: Convertible strollers are designed to grow along with your family. They let you buy one stroller and then put on a second seat, a stroller board, and other accessories as your family expands.

Cons: Traditional double strollers are more expensive than convertible strollers. While all convertibles can handle two or more children, not all of them can accommodate twins.

Do You Require a Double Stroller?

Although many parents with numerous children of similar ages use them frequently, a double stroller is a significant purchase. There are a few options to consider if you currently have a single stroller and aren’t sure you want to invest in a double.

Stroller boards: Some strollers include a ride-along board that attaches to the back of the stroller base for an older sibling. There are also universal boards that are compatible with a wide range of stroller brands. But before you go this path, be sure your baby is ready for — and capable of — the challenge.

Baby carrier: You might also try wearing your younger child in a baby carrier while pushing the larger one in a single stroller. This, however, will not work for twins and will only function as long as your second child can fit in a carrier.

The ideal twin stroller for your family is entirely dependent on your unique circumstances. Consider how you’ll most likely use a double stroller.

Do you live in a bustling metropolis or an apartment complex with tiny doorways, or will you be using your double stroller primarily in the suburbs or in a more rural setting?

Do both seats accommodate infant car seats if you require them for two infants?

Does the stroller have a high enough weight restriction to accommodate older children if you need it for a toddler and a baby?

These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself before buying a double stroller.

Best Double Strollers

So now that we’ve covered the essentials, it’s time to see which double strollers will be the finest in 2022:

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller

Price: $749.99

Age Range: 8-12 months and above

A tough and enjoyable multi-purpose solution that may save you money in the long term.

The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie could be exactly the ticket for outdoor-loving families with multiple kids on the go. This stroller has a three-wheel design with rubber, pneumatic tyres that make pushing and turning on virtually any terrain at almost any speed a breeze. It includes comfortable, independent seating with passenger compartments and large canopies for napping protection.

The locking swivel front wheel is ideal for manoeuvring tight spaces or crowded areas, and the BOB looks equally at home on the trail as it does in the retail aisles. It manages to be nimble and easy to use for a side-by-side stroller, making it a fantastic alternative for most families.

Once you know how to do it, the Revolution has a two-hand fold that is simple. It has a manual lock and no stand-alone capability or carry strap, which is a pity for such a large stroller. The process of unfolding is simple.

Single-action brakes with a plastic pedal situated in the back are featured on the Revolution 3.0 Duallie. With a sandal-friendly design, the pedal is easy to position and release and offers easy access.

The mesh pockets on the seatbacks of this stroller carry goods such as wallets, phones, and keys, though reaching them is more difficult when the seats are reclined. Passengers also have access to interior mesh pockets, which can be used to store sippy cups or valuables.

The Duallie has multiple canopies, allowing each passenger to choose the level of coverage they want. They’re made of canvas and have a UPF 50+. They’re also water-resistant. Each shade has a big vinyl peek-a-boo window that extends past most passengers’ knees. The window cover closes with a magnet, which is quieter and more effective than the old Velcro option.

Each seat in the 3.0 includes a 5-point harness with a crotch strap and shoulder height that can be adjusted. It’s simple to modify the harness.

Each seat can recline virtually flat on its own, allowing for personalised and comfortable resting. Although the leg rest is not adjustable, it is generously padded and sits at a comfortable, supported angle, with a helpful footrest at the bottom.

The Chicco Keyfit 30 stroller is compatible with BOB and Britax infant car seats, as well as various Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego models.

This BOB may be manoeuvred one-handed or two-handed with ease. While it can become heavy when there is a lot of weight in the seats, it is still easy to push and turn over most surfaces. Pushing a side-by-side stroller on flat surfaces is a breeze, and the three-wheel trike design, combined with air-filled rubber tyres, offers a stroller that can turn on a dime without any thought.

Traditionally, side-by-side strollers struggle in tight places or turning, but this stroller’s single front wheel allows it to make tight bends. While some openings may be difficult to navigate, this BOB is more manageable than inline strollers.

BOB combines high-quality materials with solid construction to create a product that feels dependable and long-lasting. The BOB sports a spinning handlebar with comfort foam padding and shocks that can be adjusted. Even if the handlebar is not the most ergonomic, it is comfortable to push even on long rides.

With polymer composite wheels and pneumatic tyres, the entire appearance of the stroller is robust and utilitarian.



  • The suspension system and huge air-filled wheels that perform on the hardest terrain and absorb shocks – for the most pleasant ride and to prevent spine problems in your children.

  • Adjust the agility and stability of the stroller to the terrain with the lockable and pivoting front wheel.

  • During your running session, the parking brake, five-point harness, and wrist strap keep passengers secure.

  • Oversized and individually adjustable canopies.

  • Height-adjustable handlebar for parents of all heights.

  • Individually deep reclined seats that are extremely comfortable.

  • The heavy-duty construction, which is made of high-quality and durable materials, ensures years of use.

  • Plenty of storage (one large basket + 10 pockets on the Flex 3.0 Duallie, one large basket + 6 pockets on the Flex 2.0 Duallie).

  • Large and hefty.

  • It takes up a lot of room even when folded — it might not fit in a small car trunk.

  • No accessories included.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Double Stroller

Price: $699.99

Age Range: Newborn up to 5 years old.

Are you looking for a double stroller that can go anywhere? Take a look at what the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 double stroller has to offer now!

If you’re searching for a reliable double side-by-side stroller, this is the one to go with. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller comes with a slew of great features that should not be neglected.

Please keep in mind that this is not a jogging stroller. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller is an all-terrain stroller, which means it will manage well on grass, sidewalks, streets, and other surfaces. However, it is not designed for jogging.

This stroller has a lot of positive features. For the most part, the upgrades made to the GT2 from the GT are excellent, and many of the old standby functions are still available. As a result, this stroller is a strong candidate for families with twins.

Patented simple fold. The Baby Jogger one-step fold makes collapsing this stroller so simple that anyone can do it single-handedly. Literally.

The capacity of up to 100 lb! Each seat can support up to 50 pounds. In addition, the storage basket behind the seat can hold an additional 10 pounds, and each of the seat back sleeves can hold 2 pounds. A 5-point harness will keep your baby safe and secure.

UV 50 canopies offer excellent protection and feature magnetic peek-a-boo windows that allow you to keep an eye on each kid while walking. With a width of just under 30 inches, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller will fit through almost any doorway.

One car seat is required. Car seat adapters are offered separately, but they allow you to travel with one infant and one older child on your own.

It’s an all-terrain ride. This one will take you from the park to the mall. The all-wheel suspension is a significant improvement over the preceding City Mini GT model, and it handles beautifully. It not only handles multiple surfaces but also spins with ease. It’s so smooth that you can easily steer it with one hand.

Disney said yes! That’s correct. Disney has certified the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller! This is fantastic news for families who can’t get enough of Disney’s magic.

8.5-inch air rubber tyres that will last forever. No more checking your tyres ahead of time for outings and rushing to fill them before getting your kids out the door.

Baby-friendly. This double stroller includes two seats that recline almost entirely flat on their own. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for two infants. Raise one or both of the calf supports to provide your kids with the most comfortable experience possible.

There is a lot of storage space. A spacious under-seat basket and back-of-seat storage provide plenty of room for your children’s belongings.

Two prams are required. Two Baby Jogger prams, available separately, can be used to transport infant twins. There are two brakes. To easily stop this double stroller, use either a hand or foot brake.

This item is machine washable. You guessed correctly. The seats are machine washable and detachable. Simply hang them to dry before putting them back on. No one was wearing a bib cleaning crumbs from the corners! The handlebar can be adjusted for extra comfort when pushing.



  • Easy to use the handbrake.

  • One-hand compact fold.

  • It’s ideal for children with a significant age gap (for example newborns and 3.5-year-old).

  • The deep recline is ideal for naps and is appropriate for younger infants.

  • Simple to manoeuvre on any terrain, even with hefty children.

  • Pushing and turning feels quite light.

  • Fits through doorways.

  • The sunshade is quite low, protecting newborns from sunburns.

  • Finally, for peek-a-boo windows, there are silent magnetic closures.

  • Excellent stroller for everyday use as well as off-road excursions.

  • Sturdy and robust.

  • A larger storage basket with easier access is required.

  • Add-ons (such as cup holders and a parent organizer) are not included and can be expensive.

  • Doesn’t work well for mall shopping.

  • Heavy (32.6 pounds) — moving it in and out of the car on a regular basis may be difficult.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Price: $219.99

Age Range: Toddler, Baby

On a budget that is easy to push and turn even in narrow spaces, this is the best option.

With a three-wheel design and pneumatic rubber wheels, the Baby Trend Expedition Double is a viable double alternative for parents on a budget. It’s a fantastic mover, easy to spin, and capable of tackling practically any terrain. This is the most affordable side-by-side stroller. It is easy to maneuver, as well as high marks for weight and folded size. It’s simple to fold, has an equal recline with additional ventilation, and under-seat storage for heavier items. Parents on a budget will appreciate the fact that this stroller has so many functions, is easy to push and turn, allows for jogging, and is smaller and lighter than many of the others on our list.

The Expedition is simple to fold, requires two hands to fold, has a manual locking mechanism, and stands up on its own. The Expedition’s brakes are double action, requiring the depressing of two pedals. The brakes are difficult to set and release, and they don’t work well with sandals (a disadvantage that might leave parents reluctant to set both sides).

The Expedition’s under-seat storage is separated. It can fit two large diaper bags inside, but the strap divider prevents anything bigger from fitting. Because the bin’s weight restriction is only 5 pounds, you’ll be limited in what you can store inside. The bin is accessible from the back and certain sides, but not from the top or front.

Each seatback features a huge mesh pocket with an adjustable opening and a string to tighten it. It also includes a parent console with two cup holders and a covered storage tray, making it the greatest parent’s tray on the market. Inside the passenger seats, there are mesh pockets that are fairly broad and can accommodate some sippy drinks.

The Expedition contains 2.75-inch deep cup holders in front of the handlebar, high and behind the baby’s head. Because the holders are closed, taller or heavier items may fall out when strolling, posing a risk of falling on the baby.

There is only one canopy on the Expedition. This canopy is narrow and does not go far enough to cover the seat’s leg rest. It has one medium-sized mesh peek-a-boo window with a hook and loop latch on the cover for ventilation. The canopy can be rotated forward, however, this reduces the amount of protection provided from above.

Each seat in the Expedition has a 5-point harness. The crotch strap is solely adjustable in length, and the shoulder height adjustment is a rethread design with three places.

Although the Expedition lacks an adjustable leg rest, the padding on the rest is comfortable. Both seats have the same recline adjustment, which necessitates the use of two hands and is somewhat complicated. The recline offers an endless number of positions, allowing each child to choose the perfect recline angle for them.

Any infant car seat, regardless of manufacturer, will not fit in the Expedition. This means that before using this stroller, children must be able to sit independently with full head and neck control.

This stroller excels in maneuverability, outperforming several of its competitors. On flat surfaces, the Expedition is excellent, but it is somewhat wide. Because the rear wheels protrude beyond the frame, they are prone to becoming caught in tight areas. It’s also simple to get off the usual path, and it handles grass and gravel well. The jogger’s larger wheels make it simple to navigate difficult terrain.

There is no suspension, which is unfortunate for a jogging/all-terrain stroller as well as short-sightedness. However, considering the low price, one may almost overlook this, especially because the tires are rubber and the sling-style seats should make the ride more comfortable.



  • The stroller’s frame is both light and strong. When jogging, a light stroller is easy to push.

  • The double stroller is cost-effective. The majority of double strollers are quite pricey. Baby Trend has long set the standard for affordable, high-quality juvenile items.

  • It is both adaptable and secure. There are several recline options and a five-point harness on the seats.

  • The rear braking system on the double stroller is required for safety and control. While riding, you use your foot to control the brakes. The front wheel can also be locked.

  • It includes a simple trigger fold design that makes storage and travels a breeze.

  • If you want to listen to music while exploring the outdoors, this stroller is perfect for you. It has MP3 speakers built-in.

  • Both seats in the stroller have a single canopy. While the canopy provides some shade, it would be more handy if each seat had its own canopy.

  • The stroller is not equipped with a suspension system. Riding on rocky roads necessitates additional caution.

  • Instead of the simple single-action brakes, it has double-action brakes.

Thule Urban Glide 2  DoubleJogging Stroller

Price: $849.95

Age Range: Infant and above

An ideal side-by-side double stroller that may also be used as a jogger for older children.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 Double is a double stroller that may also be used for jogging when your children grow older. By offering a similar design with less bulk, higher quality, and a lower price, the Urban Glide 2 Double succeeded to beat out the competition. Compared to other strollers, this one has equal seating and features for two people, excellent mobility, and run-ability in a small size. This stroller is ideal for everyday outings and running. Because the Urban Glide Double 2 is wider, it can be difficult to maneuver in tight locations. Furthermore, because it only accepts one car seat, it is not suited for two infants. The Urban Glide 2 Double, on the other hand, offers a variety of prospective activities that many families will find vital for two older babies or children of different ages. The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie is a similar stroller that offers similar capabilities at a reduced price.

The Thule is more user-friendly. The Thule is simple to fold with one hand by sliding and twisting the folding handle. It includes an automatic lock once folded and will self-stand if the handlebar is at the proper height. It takes two hands to unfold, and it’s a simple process.

Single-action brakes on the Thule are simple to set and release, as well as sandal-friendly. With a unique twisting shape and a center handlebar position, the drum handbrake is extremely simple to use.

The Thule has a medium-sized storage bin with back access and a weight limit of 10 pounds. It also has a back pocket for storing small items. Cell phones, keys, and a water bottle can all be stored in the seatback pockets, however, they can be difficult to reach after the seats have been reclined. Riders can also carry a sippy cup or a snack in the storage pockets.

The Glide’s sunshades are medium in size and include a fabric visor that flips out. The canopy on the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie covers almost to the knee, but not quite as far. With the seat reclined, there is ventilation, and there is a huge peek-a-boo window with a magnetic closure cover.

The harness straps are easy to adjust, thanks to a no-rethread system that uses straps that move up and down on a strap sewed to the seatback. The length of the crotch strap can be adjusted, but not the position.

The leg rests aren’t adjustable, but they’re well-padded, and the footrest is generously sized. Both seats recline almost completely flat for excellent napping. With one hand, you can easily manipulate the recline plastic toggle.

Only one infant car seat fits in the Urban Glide 2 Double. Thule offers a universal adapter for a variety of brands, as well as specific adapters for Chicco and Maxi-Cosi. Chicco, Peg Perego, UPPAbaby, Britax, Graco, Maxi-Cosi, and Safety 1st infant car seats are compatible with this adaptor. The award-winning Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 and the UPPAbaby Mesa are both compatible.

The Glide is the most straightforward to set up. The instructions are easy to follow and don’t require any special tools to put together. All you have to do now is put the wheels on and you’re good to go.

 The Glide Double features maneuverability because of its three-wheeled design, which is simple to push and steer. The Glide is easy to push and spin on flat areas thanks to its air-filled rubber tires and front swivel wheel. The Thule feels a little more agile than comparable double joggers. It’s just as easy to push and turn off-road without having to worry about grass, gravel, bumps, or curbs. The soft suspension, on the other hand, makes it feel spongy, and we wish it had an adjustable suspension like the BOB.

 For a moderately comfortable ride, this Thule offers rear-wheel suspension, rubber tires, substantial seat padding, and harness padding. The pivot point allows the adjustable handlebar to move easily. This stroller is made of high-quality materials and is lightweight.



  • It moves along without a hitch.

  • Is simple to operate, even in congested areas.

  • On flat or difficult terrains, such as cracked pavement or gravel, easy maneuverability is possible.

  • The handlebar can be adjusted.

  • Has a large amount of storage space.

  • The canopy gives plenty of protection from the sun.

  • Exceptional quality.

  • Quality materials and a solid build.

  • When wearing flip-flops, the foot brake is not operable.

  • There are only a few options between the handle bar’s lowest and highest levels.

  • High Price.

 Joovy Kooper RS2 Double Stroller

Price: $599.99

Age Range: Baby and above

 The best stroller for traveling now fits two kids.

 There are a few things to consider while looking for the best travel strollers. To begin with, it must be small for travel but durable enough to support a child’s weight. Second, it must be simple to operate. What if we told you that the Kooper RS2 has all of that, plus the ability to transport two children at the same time, side-by-side?

Isn’t that every parent’s dream?


Two 9″ all-terrain wheels are on the back and two 7″ all-terrain wheels are on the front of this maneuverable marvel. This lets you push your children about (up to 50 lbs each) with minimal effort. Even the weediest of parents will love it!

The seats on the Kooper RS2 are the same length as our Kooper X2, but they’re 3″ longer to provide greater support. Ideal for lengthy flights or fast trips to the supermarket.

 The Kooper RS2 boasts remarkable mobility because of its 9″ rear and 7″ front wheels. It’s never been easier to transport two small children, thanks to a very smooth push and the flexibility to work on any surface.

 To avoid squabbles, two food trays are required when carrying two children. The RS2 swing-open trays have cup slots for two juice bottles and can be folded down neatly with the rest of the stroller to make it more compact.

 The RS2 is a one-handed folding stroller with a standing auto-lock, allowing you to juggle the kids with one hand free. You will be grateful!

 The RS2 brings ease and luxury to you and your children, with a longer backrest and footrest and magnetic buckles for one-handed in-and-out, making these the only travel strollers you’ll ever need.

 The RS2 double stroller includes two extensible, water-resistant canopies (one for each stroller seat) that provide UPF50+ sun protection for your children. Each canopy also has a huge peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your tiny ones and say something encouraging to them as you walk together.



  • 100% recycled fabric.

  • 100% full-grain leather handlebar.

  • Large, all-terrain wheels, 9″ rear / 7″ front.

  • Exceptionally smooth push and easy handling.

  • Each seat has a 50-pound capacity.

  • Compact folding stroller with one-handed, standing auto-lock.

  • Two swing-open trays with cup holders.

  • Seats are 3” longer than our original KooperX2 – plenty more support!

  • Magnetic buckles – one-handed release/easy removal of children from seats.

  • Multi-position, one-handed reclining seats.

  • 3-position adjustable footrests.

  • Independent, extendable, water-resistant canopies with UPF50+ sun protection and huge peek-a-boo windows.

  • Two mesh cup holders and zippered pockets for the parent are integrated into the back of the stroller.

  • One-step brake.

  • Storage basket capacity: 22 lbs.

  • You can add a Rain Cover.

  • The Kooper RS2 is not car seat compatible.

  • Not available in any other color other than the sleek “triple black” color

Contours – Curve – Convertible Tandem Double Stroller 

Price: $559.99

Age Range: 6 months and above.

The Contours Curve Double Stroller is a tandem stroller with a unique 6-wheel design that provides the smoothest possible ride, even with two children on board. Curb assist and small rear wheels will assist you in navigating the hurdles of city life while strolling in style thanks to an oval-lined, melange-fabrics-equipped, leatherette-details stroller (system).

 The sonic welded, plush-feeling, water-resistant seat units are both fully reversible and easy to clean. Their bucket-style L-shape tiltable to a full recline is intended for children aged 6 months and up; younger children can be placed in the foldable carrycot accessory (sold separately) or in a car seat attachable with the appropriate adapters (more adapter types available). Only one bassinet can be attached to the frame at a time; however, two car seats can be clicked on at the same time. On the chassis, you can also combine a seat unit and a carrycot, a seat unit and a car seat, or a carrycot and a car seat. A spacious storage basket with quick, zip-off side access and extendable canopies with a zipper-mesh expansion and peek-a-boo windows allowing air to circulate are two more features of the Curve.

 Adapters for many major infant car seat brands are available from Contours (adapters sold separately): Chicco Car Seat Adapter

Graco Click Connect Car Seat Adapter

Maxi-Cosi/Nuna Car Seat Adapter

Britax Car Seat Adapter

Multi-Brand Infant Car Seat Adapter



  • Each seat can accommodate a child weighing up to 40lbs (80 lbs total).

  • Can be used with a bassinet or infant car seat (available separately) from birth, or with the Stroller Seat from about 6 months.

  • JPMA Certified.

  • Two 5-point padded safety harnesses.

  • Canopies with UPF 50+ protection.

  • Water-resistant seats.

  • Large storage basket with convenient access from the side.

  • Parent cupholder.

  • Many infant car seat companies have adapters available (adapters sold separately): Chicco, Graco Click Connect, Maxi-Cosi/Nuna Britax and Universal Infant Car Seat Adapter.

  • Removable and reversible seats

  • Standing fold.

  • 6-wheel design.

  • Front and rear wheel suspension.

  • Pricey.

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller

Price: $1099.99

Age Range: 3 months and above.

 This is a wonderful choice with handy features if you plan to have multiples.

 The Vista v2 is a high-quality UPPAbaby stroller that can accommodate three children at once. Two baby car seats, two toddler seats, two bassinets, or any two variations of those options work with this versatile seating arrangement. It comes standard with a bassinet for infants and can be combined with a standing board for older siblings. This elegant stroller boasts a sturdy frame, ample storage, and an unbeatable full-coverage canopy. You’ll appreciate the no-flat tires, telescoping handlebar, and updated suspension, as well as the simple features. I believe the higher-than-average price is justified by the features and attention to quality details. Keep in mind that when folded, this stroller is heavier and bigger than comparable full-size strollers, making it more difficult to lift and carry. If you don’t need seats for more than two people, this may not be the ideal option for you. However, if your family is expanding or you have twins, I believe the Vista is difficult to beat, earning it a spot on our list of favorite strolling destinations.

 Vista v2 is incredibly user-friendly. It folds in one hand, automatically latches shut, and stands up on its own. The leather-wrapped handlebar is protected from damage by a hard plastic bump that sits on the floor. Given the size, it’s a shame it doesn’t have a carry strap or handle. Although unfolding requires two hands, neither operation is difficult.

 The brakes of the Vista v2 are single-action and perform nicely. The brake pedals are well-placed and simple to set or release, regardless of footwear. Press once to set the design and once again to release it. With a maximum capacity of 30 pounds, the Vista’s storage bin is impressive. This huge bin has easy access from all sides and can hold practically anything you’ll need for a day out with the kids. Internal pockets on the inside of the bin help keep everything tidy.

With a zippered extension and peek-a-boo windows with coverings that stay in place without closures, the Vista v2 canopy is one of the largest ever seen. On hot days, the clever peek-a-boo window and mesh ventilation come in. When completely extended, this canopy reaches almost to the passenger’s knees.

 With the shoulder straps sliding up and down straps on the seatback, the new 5-point harness provides limitless adjustment possibilities, making it easier to fit than the previous re-thread version. Even with a little child in the seat, the Vista v2’s seat recline is a one-handed action that works well for lowering and rising. The back reclines nearly flat, and the leg rest adjusts as well, making for a comfortable napping spot. The seat can face forward or back toward the pusher.

With the purchase of additional seating and a riding board, the Vista 2 can accommodate three people. This stroller may be used with two UPPAbaby Mesa infant car seats or two bassinets when using the UPPAbaby Lower Adapter, making it an ideal choice for twins. Using the RumbleSeat, the Vista 2 can also be used as a double stroller. The UPPAbaby Upper Adapter and Lower Adapter provide greater legroom between seats, making kids more comfortable. The PiggyBack riding board gives an older sibling the option of riding or walking. The Vista 2 is compatible with the attractive and user-friendly UPPAbaby Mesa. The Vista is unique in that it can accommodate two infant car seats at once, which sets it apart from many of the double competitors.

 The UPPAbaby Vista/Cruz Infant Car Seat Adapter for Chicco can be used to connect the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat to the Vista. You may use your Vista 2 with infant car seats from Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex by purchasing adapters.

 The no-flat rubber tires on the Vista v2 are larger than those on the full-size competitor. In most instances, these tires are combined with larger wheels and updated suspension to provide rather good maneuverability. On paved areas, this stroller pushes and turns smoothly. It glides over bumps and changes in flooring with ease. The Vista’s handlebar boasts a smooth telescoping adjustment that does not jiggle or flex. 

The Vista v2 is comparable to other UPPAbaby high-quality items. This stroller has a higher level of attention to detail and higher-quality materials than the majority of the competitors on our list. The frame is solid, with a hard feel that does not waver or flex. It has a sturdy telescopic handlebar that places higher pushes further away from the axle, which we prefer to prevent kicking the back wheels while strolling.



  • The seat is spacious and comfortable, with a deep recline (operated with one hand).

  • Easy to adjust no-rethread harness.

  • Comes with one of the nicest bassinets ever made (breathable, approved for overnight sleep).

  • LARGE canopy with good ventilation.

  • It can be used for one, two, or three children!

  • Each attachment clicks onto the frame with ease.

  • Durable wheels that can handle a variety of terrain.

  • One-hand steering, easy turning (at least in a single-mode).

  • Probably the world’s largest storage basket, with a capacity of up to 30 pounds!

  • One-step folding, self-standing, and auto-lock.

  • Even with two seats attached, it folds!

  • Other convenience features include a telescoping handlebar, a sliding canopy, and flip-flop friendly parking brake.

  • It is 27 pounds in weight, which may be too much for some parents.

  • Although the fold is simple, it does necessitate the use of both hands.

  • In a double mode, some of the seating options aren’t great.

  • As a double stroller, it becomes larger, making turning and maneuvering in small spaces more difficult (because the stroller gets quite long).

Jeep Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller

Price: $199

Age Range: 6 months and above.

The Jeep Destination or J is for Jeep Brand Destination Ultralight Side x Side Double Stroller is designed for two families with twins or siblings of similar ages. This model was designed to allow you to safely explore the world with your large family without the need for a huge and heavy pushchair. It’s a great option for a mom searching for a basic stroller that’s easy to travel with and affordable.

This stroller is a safe and comfortable double stroller with adjustable footrests and independent, multi-position reclining seats. This stroller is sturdy and folds up quickly. This type also has independent reclining mechanisms for each seat, ensuring that your children are comfortable and in the proper posture regardless of what they’re doing.

This double stroller with a side-by-side configuration has a lot of functions and is great for city use. It boasts individually adjustable seats, a front-wheel locking mechanism, and extensible sun visors. The canopies also have peek-a-boo windows that allow your baby to view out while traveling in the stroller. It’s made to fit two children of similar ages or twins, and it fits through normal doorways with ease.

It’s the lightest pushchair on the market. It’s a joy to drive because of the design of the wheels and suspension. The Jeep Destination’s front wheels measure 7 inches in diameter. They have a swiveling mechanism with a lock on them. When maneuvering your stroller through narrow passages, it’s best to unblock the swiveling mechanism and allow the wheels to turn. If you’re strolling over rough terrain, locking the swiveling mechanism will make it easier to push the stroller.

The Jeep Destination’s rear wheels are 10 inches in diameter and have suspension for additional stress absorption and a smoother ride. The Jeep Destination comes with a one-step parking brake. Because the handlebar of the Jeep Destination cannot be altered, make sure it is the right height for you before purchasing the stroller. It should be noted that it is coated with foam, which is not a particularly sturdy material and is prone to damage.

Car seat information: A car seat adaptor is not available for the Jeep Destination Double. Each seat can support a maximum weight of 40 pounds.



  • Even on trails, the steering and navigation are excellent.

  • Cost-effective.

  • Pushing is a breeze.

  • Sturdy large canopies.

  • Like an umbrella stroller, it’s light and easy to carry, but it’s considerably more solid.

  • Enough recline (albeit it isn’t completely flat and isn’t suited for newborns).

  • Adjustable calf rest for comfortable napping.

  • Folding and unfolding are a breeze.

  • A large storage basket.

  • Shoulder strap and carrying handle included.

  • Sleek design (ideal for amusement parks).

  • Fits through normal doorways.

  • Snack trays and cup holders aren’t available.

  • The harness straps are unpleasant to the touch.

Joovy Twin Roo Car Seat Stroller

Price: $174.99

Age Range: Less than 36 months.

This is a great double frame solution for twins.

The Joovy TwinRoo+’s attraction is largely due to its simplicity. We can’t help but be astonished by the cleverness of this minimalist frame stroller because it accomplishes so much with so little. This product has a simple-to-use clip-in mechanism for a variety of popular infant car seat manufacturers, as well as a one-hand compact fold and a large under-seat storage bin with easy access. The Roo+ is a joy to use and operate with two children and everything that comes with traveling with two. It has a safe cup holder that carries up to four things and high performing suspension and maneuvering capabilities for a frame stroller. This product is the greatest alternative for parents of newborn twins, and it’s a terrific transition stroller from birth to the age when your babies are ready for a normal double stroller.

For better access to both babies, the Joovy TwinRoo+ mounts infant car seats sideways, in opposing directions, or in the same direction. The flexibility of configuration can provide parents with access to each child individually, allowing them to best satisfy their needs. Little ones may observe and engage with each other, or have independent time and rest, thanks to the versatility. The carriers are released in conjunction with the car seat’s native release mechanism.

The Joovy is a click-and-go connection frame that comes with adapters that can be purchased separately. On the Joovy, the snap feature is relatively simple to operate; first, snap in the front, then check that the sides have clicked into place. Unlike some items that require lifting a carrier higher or leaning down to attach, the frame’s height makes attaching the seats a breeze.

Without the car seat accessories, this Joovy weighs just over 24 pounds. It’s compact enough to fit in most trunks and is reasonably small. It folds extremely flat and may even fit behind the front seat in some vehicles. When compared to similar strollers, the TwinRoo+ is only slightly better than average in terms of mobility. Nonetheless, it was handled effectively enough to complete the task without causing frustration. It has a larger chassis for higher stability and a shorter wheelbase for improved maneuverability and handling. It’s a little difficult to maneuver in tight spots or around corners because of the larger size.

The Roo+’s shocks on the front wheels improve passenger comfort by reducing bumps and vibrations. Little passengers and babies can be bothered by these hiccups, thus it’s wonderful that it provides extra support when many other frame options don’t. The locking front swivel wheels can also assist keep the stroller from getting snagged on baseboards and other low-level objects, which can cause it to veer off course. The Roo+ is simple to operate, featuring a range of features aimed at ease of usage. The TwinRoo+ is a one-handed folding technique. The unfolding of this product is as simple as folding it with one hand.

The brakes are dual-action, which means you must press both sides of the pedal to completely engage them. A big under-seat storage bin spans the length of the frame on the TwinRoo+. When both child carriers are snapped in, it sits right beneath them, making it difficult to get larger objects into the bin with the seats in place. A four-cup holding tray is situated low on the frame near the handlebar on the Roo+. Seats and canopies are not included with the Joovy.

The frame is well-made and finished, with no rough edges or excessive connectors that make it feel flimsy or cause excessive flex. While the design and nature of this stroller are highly utilitarian, it yet has a high level of quality in both appearance and performance.



  • It makes living with twins a whole lot easier.

  • Lots of infant car seats are compatible with the frame, they easily click in.

  • It’s a piece of cake to fold (even with one hand).

  • There’s a lot of storage underneath the stroller for all your essentials.

  • For the first 6-9 months, this is ideal.

  • Easy access to both babies.

  • Twins can face in opposite directions or in the same way.

  • Works perfect for trips to the mall and restaurant or running quick errands.

  • A cost-effective and practical alternative.

  • It’s fairly light.

  • It takes time to become used to the steering and turning (because of

  • long wheelbase)Rough terrain is not suitable for wheels.

  • The fold is quite long, so it could not fit in every car trunk.