Is your kid weary from walking? Or,

Has your kid outgrown your current stroller? Or,

Does your child still want to enjoy a ride in the stroller? Or maybe,

By chance, your kid has a medical condition, and a stroller for big kids is what you need?

Perhaps the playschool is far off from your home, and your kid is unable to walk such long distances?

Whatever be the reason, strollers will come in handy in such situations.

Do not assume that big kids do not need a stroller any longer. Even your toddler and preschooler can benefit from a stroller. Benefit how?!

Well, on long trips or day outings when their legs are hurting from long walks, and they become all cranky, strollers will come to the rescue. If only you plan to carry them everywhere in your arms and get exhausted.

A stroller is a perfect place for them to rest.

Most strollers are for infants, and the maximum weight limit can be below. Generally, the maximum weight for strollers is 50 lbs. Choosing a stroller for big kids needs different criteria like a long seat and a higher weight limit. If you have a child with a disability, you need a stroller with these qualities.

Surprisingly, there are a plethora of options present for you.

The Best Stroller for Big Kids

Below we present to you our top choices of 10 big kids strollers. Luckily, more manufacturers are creating strollers to meet our needs. Therefore, many modern strollers have higher weight limits and long seats to accommodate bigger and taller kids, up to 50 lbs or even as high as 75 lbs!

We hope you find something that meets your needs!


The best strollers for big kids that you can buy in 2022!





Stroller Type


Maximum Capacity

Joovy zoom lightweight jogging stroller

Jogger stroller

27.3 lbs

75 lbs

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

Jogger stroller

28.5 lbs

75 lbs

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Jogger stroller

25.5 lbs

50 lbs

Gb Pocket+All-city

Umbrella stroller

12.6 lbs

55 lbs

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller

Umbrella stroller

16.3 lbs

55 lbs

Delta Clutch Stroller

Umbrella stroller

14 lbs

50 lbs

Britax B-Lively stroller

Full-size stroller

20 lbs

55 lbs

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

Full-size stroller

21.4 lbs

65 lbs

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Double jogging stroller

32.2 lbs

100 lbs

Britax B-Lively Double Stroller

Double stroller

29 lbs

100 lbs

Jogging Strollers

Do you like jogging with your toddler? But your kid has outgrown the current stroller. Well, worry not! We have found a few stunning strollers for big kids with the highest weight recommendation in the market.

Joovy Zoom Lightweight Jogging Stroller

The zoom celebrates the new world of getting outdoors with a Joovy Zoom lightweight jogging stroller. Joovy makes stylish strollers designed for chic parents. Taking inspiration from Zoom360 ultralight, it is one of the best strollers for big kids thanks to its long seat and a maximum weight capacity of a whopping 75 lbs. It weighs 27.3 lbs making it not excessively heavy for a jogger. You can easily lift it in and out of the trunk of your vehicle.


Joovy Zoom has upgraded everything in this jogging stroller for your utmost convenience. The reclining mechanism, the fold, the peek-a-boo window, the parking brake, the seat is 2” higher to accommodate even a 46-inch tall child. The canopy now has an added sunshade and UPF 50 sun protection. Plus, the no-pinch harness has additional louder padding for your child’s comfort. This stroller is still very sturdy and easy to manoeuvre or turn even with maximum load.


Yet another eye-catching feature of this stroller is the near-upright seat, perfect for curious toddlers who hate lying in the stroller. Inside, there are mesh pockets so the toddlers can keep some snacks and other take-along. The stroller has an Ergonomic parent push handle and an extra-storage sturdy parent organiser with large cup holders. You can keep your keys and phone in a zippered pocket and two bottles of water in beverage holders.



The larger canopy gives your child sunshade and protection while you are on the go. You can see your passenger through a magnetic peek-a-boo window. The baby can see through the mesh sunshade while protected from harmful sun rays. You can easily unzip it as you desire. The stroller constitutes 100% recyclable fabric. The canopy and fabric provide significant airflow.


The jogger stroller has 16” big wheels in the back and 12” in front with air-filled tires and even better suspension for a smoother ride. When the front wheel swivels, it gives maximum manoeuvrability and agility. Moreover, parents can lock the wheelbase to increase stability during running or going over bumps. This big-kid stroller has a strong, more spacious, easy to reach and rigid under-seat shelf that can hold up to 15 lbs. The above qualities make the shelve less likely to sag from overweight loads and thus interfere with the brake system.


The Joovy Zoom is here to give you and your little passenger a smooth jog along. Use it with or without the all-weather protection rain shield or a car seat adapter.


Keep in mind: this big-kid stroller is pretty bulky and takes a lot of space. However, you can easily take off the wheels to simplify storage and transport.


This big-kid stroller is a replacement for the Zoom 360 ultralight jogging stroller. This big kid stroller is new, so, have not received a lot of reviews as yet. Soon this stroller will become prominent like the earlier one.





  • Shock absorbing

  • Large storage space

  • Easy pushing

  • All three tires pneumatic

  • Thanks to the ultra-tall seat, some parents use it for larger kids or children with special needs.

  • Rides smoothly over harsh terrains

  • Large sunshade + mesh gives full-protection

  • Unlike Zoom 360 ultralight, this is costly

  • Pretty big even when folded

  • Non-adjustable handlebar


Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. This big kids stroller is of high quality. A tire pump, parent organiser, UPF Sun protection, Front shade, and the maximum capacity seat is part of the price.

  2. With this enormous capacity, the tall and roomy seat stroller can accommodate even a 7-year-old child!

  3. It is pretty lightweight but sturdy, an essential quality while running or strolling with a heavy kid.


BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 is rugged and reliable for every adventure. It is one of the best single jogging strollers for big kids. Finally, you can say yes to any family outing. BOB Gear has updated its stroller with lots of new features. It is a new look but the same rugged gear.


This big-kid jogging stroller weighs 28.5 lbs and offers a maximum capacity of 75 lbs. You can accommodate even a 44-inch tall child into this stroller. If used with a compatible adapter and infant car seat, you can start using it from birth. They sold compatible adapters separately.


The construction of the Flex 3.0 jogging stroller makes it perfect for big toddlers. It has a lightweight and sturdy construction.  The compatible adapter makes it compatible with most major brand car seats making it travel system ready. The air-fill large wheels of the stroller make ultra-smooth rides on bumpy terrain like unbeaten paths, cracked sidewalks or sandy beaches. The rear wheels are 16” and the front one is 12.5”. The front wheel has a Swivel-locking system for better agility and more stability during jogging on rough terrains. Thanks to the new and improved suspension system, you can go over the most challenging terrains and it will absorb all shocks and bumps while the reflective accents keep you safe on all your journeys.


BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 fits perfectly: The suspension system keeps you running smoothly while the adjustable handlebar with nine different positions creates a perfect fit for parents of all heights. All this makes it even more comfortable to push. We haven’t talked about the seat! The seat is a real highlight of this big-kid stroller. The seat is designed with compression padding for all-day comfort with an infinite reclining mechanism that makes it a fully-upright comfortable seat. This stroller’s seat provides a nice airflow that keeps the baby from sweating. The seatbelt is super easy to use. There are two little pockets for snacks on the inside. The no-rethread harness design makes the seat adjustment easy-peasy. Just squeeze the back piece and use the straps to get the angle you are looking for.


Moreover, this big kid stroller has an extra-large cargo basket and six storage pockets with a cell phone pocket at the handlebar. You will have plenty of room for all your gears and keep your cell phone close at hand. The extra-large UPF 50+ canopy shields from the sun. It protects the baby’s face, torso, and knees from harmful sun rays as well as direct wind. There is a vented opening up top as well as a clear vinyl window that helps you see your little passenger. It is excellent for playing peek-a-boo. You can peek and chat along the way.


With BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 jogging stroller, adventures are bound to happen!


Keep in mind, this big-kid stroller is made for the toughest terrain and it serves its purpose well. Therefore, it is pricey. It takes up a lot of space. However, you can easily take off the wheels to simplify storage and transport.


Though it was launched last year, it is flooded with positive feedback on Amazon.





  • An oversized canopy gives full-protection

  • Lots of pockets

  • Compatible with many infant car seats

  • High-quality, sturdy and up-right

  • Works great on the toughest terrain

  • Adjustable handlebar making it easy to push

  • No Rethread harness design

  • Suspension system

  • Reflective accents for safety

  • Magnetic “Peek & chat” window

  • Quite heavy

  • Expensive stroller

  • Accessories are an additional cost

  • Takes up a lot of space when folded

Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. This big-kid single stroller has the biggest capacity. It doesn’t matter if your toddler is heavy or big, it will fit perfectly and comfortably.

  2. Thanks to the suspension system, your big kid won’t feel any bumpy terrains and you can get a good run or hike.

  3. If you are an athletic mum and dad, then this stroller is for you!

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition is amazon’s choice for a jogging stroller for a toddler. A JPMA certified. This big-kid stroller is the cheapest on the list with loads of good qualities. This stroller is by far the most popular jogging stroller for big toddlers. This jogger stroller is compatible with the gear of any terrain. Parents feel, “It is an awesome, convenient, smooth-gliding stroller at a great price!”

It has a very roomy seat with a capacity of 50 lbs and up to 42. The Baby Trend stroller is a good option for older kids and heavy toddlers. This stroller is honestly a big kid stroller! Some parents even use it for their 4-year-old children according to their height and weight. The expedition jogging stroller features large bicycle tires. There are two 16” wheels in the back and one smaller 12” in front. The front swivel wheel is lockable for stability in places you want to jog and unlockable for low-speed manoeuvring. It rolls smoothly and pushes with minimum effort.

Some parents feel, “the stroller is so easy to operate that you don’t feel like you are pushing a heavy toddler in it!”

The stroller has a rugged steel frame that can hold the multi-position reclining padded seat with a fully adjustable five-point safety harness. The stroller seat has a child tray that gives you the option of using the stroller as a part of a travel system with a compatible car seat adapter. Further, the seat is covered with a small canopy to block the sun and wind. The small sunshade has two panels and meshes the sun visor. The backrest is firm and not very tall. There is a lot of headroom under the canopy, which ensures usability. If you tuck it away, even a tall child can fit in.

This stroller for older kids has two safeguards, the footrest reflector for low light low visibility and the tether strap for jogging. Moreover, for parents, it has a large basket under the seat where you can fit in all your outdoor exploration equipment and a parent tray that includes two cup holders and a little covered compartment for your valuables. It also has an extra-wide and ergonomically shaped handle for pushing.

Keep in mind: this big kid stroller is bulky and heavy. So, it requires a lot of trunk space and loads of muscle. It folds up flat and has a triggered fold that makes folding the seat quick and effortless.

Baby trend expedition is one of the most highly rated and popular older kids strollers.



  • Two trays, one for baby and one for you

  • Lowest price

  • Very sturdy and durable

  • Adjustable sun-visor or shade

  • Quick assemble

  • Easy to ride

  • Push is a breeze

  • Big storage basket

  • Takes a lot of space

  • Small footrest

  • Folding is not a one-hand job

  • The trigger is difficult to pull

  • No suspension system

Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. This big stroller gets through tight spaces and is great for everyday errands.

  2. Most inexpensive stroller to fit in heavy and older kids.

  3. For daily use and harsh terrains.

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are more popular nowadays. You can call umbrella strollers the best alternative to full-sized strollers. Well, umbrella strollers are perfect for day trips or travels. They are ultra-lightweight and easy to carry (which is extremely important while handling a big kid). Also, as you can guess-it looks like an umbrella when folded up.


They have curved handles on the top. Usually, their fabric is water and stain-resistant. They may include a cup holder, key keeper and a smartphone hook-up. Let’s explore these new kinds of strollers.


GB Pockit+ All-City

The answer to travelling with an older toddler is GB Pockit+. Just how small is this umbrella stroller? It is by far the best umbrella stroller for older kids. This big-kid stroller weighs 12.6 lbs with a capacity to accommodate children up to 55 lbs. Its weight makes it the most lightweight stroller for big kids. When folded, the GB Pocket+ is about the size of a bread box. Tiniest fold in the world! Effortlessly, it can fit in the hand luggage compartment on an aeroplane or carry it in a bag. All this makes the GB Pockit+ All-city stroller a choice of many globetrotters.


This new GB Pocket+ offers additional features that make life with a child easy. A helping hand to the urban parents who are always running with their kids. It is small and light but very durable and sturdy, as well. This stroller is very spacious. This stroller is a 2-in-1 travel system ready: use the included adapters to attach to any Cybex infant car seat.


In addition, the pocket+ all city offers an adjustable backrest with multiple recline positions and a five-point safety harness for customizable support and a large integrated sun canopy with UPF 50+ for increased protection. Further, the stroller has a spacious shopping basket under the seat with a capacity of 11 lbs to store away your belongings. Fabricate with a breathable mesh material that provides comfort to your child even on hot days. Available as an accessory, a snug padded inlay can be added to the seat unit for additional warmth on cooler days.


Also, this big-kid stroller has pivoting and lockable swivel front wheels to increase manoeuvrability and stability, which is essential when going over uneven terrains. This new GB is also convenient to push and navigate through stuffed places like crowded sidewalks, restaurants etc.


Keep in mind: this big-kid stroller is perfectly in tune with the needs of modern parents. Its super lightweight design makes strolling an absolute breeze.





  • The spacious seat can accommodate even a 5-year-old.

  • Multi-recline provides more comfort, unlike other GB Pockits.

  • You can wear it as a backpack

  • Easy to push and navigate

  • Superlight easy to carry.

  • Extremely compact when folded

  • Suitable for the overhead compartment on a plane

  • Small storage basket

  • Small wheels

  • Non-adjustable handles

Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. The answer to travelling with an older toddler.

  2. The best lightweight stroller.

  3. Perfect travel stroller. Don’t hesitate, go, get it!


UPPAbaby G-LUXE 2018 Stroller

UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller is Amazon’s choice in lightweight baby strollers. The G-LUXE stroller is an expensive lightweight stroller for bigger children but believe it or not! It’s all worth it in the end. The G-Luxe stroller -is made with luxurious fabrics, can carry even a 4-year-old child. This G-LUXE stroller is an upgraded version of the UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller for kids older than 2.


This umbrella stroller’s seat is 13 inches wide and deep, so comfortable and roomy with a pretty impressive-long backrest of 20 inches. It has the flexibility every parent needs, whether running errands or catching the sights during naptime. Your kid, be it an older one, can rest comfortably in this one-handed reclining seat with an adjustable footrest. This stroller has stain-resistant seats with breathable fabric. You can easily remove and spot clean the seating. Underneath, we have a large, easy-access basket, which works well for diapers and other on-the-go essentials. Also, this big kid stroller has a massive canopy with extendable UPF 50+ sunshades for great sun and wind protection. Plenty of headroom to fit in. A tall or an older kid can fit in comfortably. So, tilt back and move forward with the G-Luxe stroller.


The upgraded single front wheel design and four-wheel suspension make the stroller easier to push. It manoeuvres like a dream. With a removable cup holder, you can stay hydrated on the go. Besides, with one simple brightly-colour click brake, your stroller is brought to a safe stop.


And ultimately, No foot action is needed, just your fingers, you can fold this big stroller. The triggers make it easy to fold. Pull the triggers on the handle-the stroller folds itself. Once folded, it stands on its own, which by the way, looks a little funny. You can easily tuck it into the corner. Since it weighs 16.3 lbs only, you can easily pick it up and carry it over your shoulder.


Keep in mind: this big stroller is an expensive lightweight stroller with incredible features. Your older kid will easily fit into it.





  • Very spacious for big kids

  • Extendable UPF 50+ shade

  • Convenient carry strap

  • One-step brake

  • Easy to fold, stand on its own

  • Easy to remove washable fabrics

  • Shock-absorbing

  • One-handed actuated recline

  • Superior canopy coverage

  • The canopy lacks a peek-a-boo window.

  • The fold is a little tricky to initiate


Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. Highest quality material and fabrics.

  2. Fold to a neat standing position-neat and space-saving.

  3. The seatback is taller and better for older kids.


Delta Clutch Stroller

The only stroller you need for literally everything!

Small but mighty, the Delta Clutch stroller is a super lightweight, compact and aeroplane stroller for big kids. This umbrella stroller is loved by parents for its incredible features. It is super lightweight, folds up easily, and can be fitted into a small carry bag. This clutch stroller is easy to get your child out and about.

Parents call this stroller a huge game-changer for the family. The Delta clutch stroller is a fantastic toddler stroller. Thanks to the roomy seating and sturdiness, taller and older children may feel comfortable in it. It is perfect for your trips, vacations, mass transit and others.

Thanks to the slim design, light construction, and compact fold. You can easily carry it around public transport and escalators. When not in use, you can compactly fold it down to fit into the travel bag (included!) and carry it around. An ideal stroller for families on the go. It will make any outing with your child hassle-free, comfortable and most importantly, safe.

This clutch stroller from Delta Children feels like magic, you whip the fold and go stroller out! It assembles in seconds. Putting it away takes minimal effort as well; One fell swoop and it’s a wrap. It is smaller than a grocery bag, stash it under a table in a restaurant or train or behind the seat in a small car. Indeed, it is easy to store.

Unlike other strollers, the seatback is quite long.The fabric is durable and can be wiped clean. It is a great choice for a preschooler or toddler. Coming to the wheels, small wheels make the stroller extremely suitable for smooth surfaces and you can push it with one hand on indoor surfaces (like the airport). The stroller’s front swivel wheels with suspension allow easy manoeuvrability and help create a smooth ride that easily adapts to varying terrain. Underneath the seat, a spacious storage basket for your child’s essentials. Adjustable sun visor, a five-point safety harness and reflective shoulder straps to ensure you and your child can be seen at night. Ultimately, this big-kid stroller will make your travel a breeze.

Keep in mind: Dual-wheel design and solid frame make it sturdy even with a heavy child. This light stroller has it all.



  • User friendly

  • Super lightweight

  • Great for travel

  • Folds up super small

  • Useful travel bag

  • Fits in any plane cabin

  • Easy and smooth manoeuvre

  • No recline

  • No child tray or cup holder

Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. Roomy seat for older and tall kids.

  2. Easy compact fold.

  3. Perfect for travels and trips.

Full-Sized Stroller

Are you the family who wants a comfortable stroller with lots of room?

Then a full-sized stroller is your answer.

The full-sized stroller is a staple, usable until your child is a toddler. Some full-size strollers can become a double-stroller with the purchase of a second seat. For steering, we have two smaller wheels and two larger wheels for stability


Why full-size strollers?

Well because:

  • They have ample space

  • Roomy and comfortable

  • Durable and easy to manoeuvre

  • Compatible with infant car seats or bassinets

  • Most importantly, they can grow with the baby from birth to toddler age.

Britax B-Lively Stroller

The Britax B-Lively stroller is a replacement for the extremely popular Britax B-Agile. The Britax is the newest three-wheel stroller from Britax. A resourceful and budget-friendly stroller for a toddler. Perfect for everyday strolling!


This big kid stroller will not weigh you down! Thanks to its lightweight frame. It has a capacity of 55 lbs wherein, you can accommodate a child as tall as 44 inches. It is created keeping in mind the multi-tasking parents. A one-hand fold makes it helpful to carry around. Easy to navigate and transport.


Cruise smooth with the ‘click & go system’ of B-Lively strollers! Simply click your child’s infant car seat into the stroller for a lighter, convenient way to travel. The B-Lively stroller is compatible with all Britax and bob infant car seats. Plus, it comes with adapters for car seat compatibility.


Now, let’s talk about wheels, the three-wheel configuration with a dual swivel front wheel is significant for smooth manoeuvrability while going over gravel paths and sidewalks. All-wheel suspension gives your child the smoothest ride possible, with no shocks and bumps. Your shoulders will greatly appreciate it, too, as they won’t be feeling any bumps.


This full-sized stroller has very roomy and comfortable seating. Infinite recline and a foot rail help your child to lean back comfortably and take a nap. A five-point harness keeps the child secure when they fall asleep. All this helps them to take rest and stay asleep for longer. While you explore around, your child needs protection from the sun. A breathable and large canopy with UPF 50+ protects your child on sunny or rainy days.


A large canopy with a peek-a-boo window provides ventilation and lets you check on your passenger without disrupting their nap. Underneath the passenger seat, we have an extra-large storage basket. You will have plenty of room to store water bottles, purses, diaper bags etc. You can zip your cell phone and keys in the larger zipper pocket on the back. Surely, nothing will bounce out and drop while you are on the go.


All this with a two-year guarantee. So, stop contemplating getting this stroller, DO IT!


Keep in mind: You can buy a cup holder attachment if you walk with a coffee cup that doesn’t have a seal.





  • Super lightweight

  • Large canopy

  • Sturdy

  • User friendly

  • Easy to fold

  • Shock-absorbing

  • Easy to store and keep going

  • No snack tray


Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. It is budget-friendly.

  2. Best stroller for tall and heavy kids.

  3. Offers stability and ability to turn smoothly.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

So you want a stroller that can hold your big kid but is not bulky like a jogging stroller, Here’s for you, The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is the new version of Baby Jogger City Mini 2. This is a full-size stroller fulfilling all your needs. A capacity which can accommodate a whopping 65 lbs weight limit, a massive room seat, air rubber tires and much more. This is indeed a very high limit for a standard stroller. It can fit a tall child of over 40” comfortably.


The seat is padded with plush fabric. It is higher and more substantial in every way! The most comfortable position for your child to kick back and relax. You can adjust the seat belts height, a near-flat reclining seat and adjust the canopy to provide a more comfortable and stable ride to the passenger. Further, to make parents happy, this big kid stroller includes a height-adjustable handlebar, hand-operated parking brake, and a convenient footrest, so you and baby will be ready to take on any terrain.


The “forever air” rubber tires and all-wheel suspension will support the weight of your big kid. Plus, the three-wheel design on this stroller won’t make you feel like you are pushing anything weighty. This is an everyday stroller, great for running errands in the city, public transportation, shopping etc. With a hand-operated brake, you have total control over speed, you can slow down or stop at any time. The Mini GT2 makes travelling a breeze! This big-kid stroller is your baby’s first all- terrain vehicle. Thanks to them you can take your tall or older kid on dirty roads or over grass and no trouble will reach you.


The large extendable UV 50+ canopy provides protection from sun and wind. The canopy’s magnetic peek-a-boo window helps in keeping an eye on the little passenger. Underneath the seating, you have a large under-seat basket, stash everything you need for life on the go, with ample storage in the seatback.


Moreover, you can create a travel system in this older kid stroller using the included Baby Jogger infant car seat adapters or even customise your ride with a variety of accessories (sold separately!). The swift and compact fold makes it easy on the go. You just lift a strap and the stroller folds itself! It locks itself automatically and takes less space during storage or transportation. Besides, we can carry it around using the strap in the middle of the seat.


Keep in mind: The variety of accessories have to be purchased separately. It is a very spacious popular big kid stroller.





  • Five-point safety harness

  • High quality

  • Quick and easy folding

  • Shock-absorbing

  • Smooth pushing

  • Plenty of room for your stuff

  • No parent organiser or child tray.


Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. Best for older and taller kids and children with medical conditions.

  2. All-terrain wheel, easy and compact

  3. Great for travelling.


Double Stroller

The double stroller is an absolute necessity for the mother of twins. As the name suggests, it is made for two kids. It has the same structure as that of a single stroller but with an added seat. The seats can be placed side-by-side or one behind another.


The structure supports a better weight capacity of 100 lbs. The weight is evenly distributed than in a convertible stroller which makes it easier to turn. You can either have two separate canopies or one large shared canopy.


So, here are the two best double strollers for your adorable twins.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger seats two children comfortably side by side. The seating makes your job of looking after more than one kid trouble-free for active parents. This jogging stroller features composite tires and a locking front swivel wheel that allows you to keep the front wheel in place while jogging. A three-wheel design and pneumatic rubber wheels makes it easy to turn and push on any terrain.


If you are out on a leisurely stroll, simply unlock the front wheel for great manoeuvrability. The padded multi-position reclining seat with an adjustable five-point safety harness to fit and secure children of different sizes comfortably, ensuring even fussy kids stay on their seats while you jog. Reclining the seat is controlled by easy to use strap and buckle assembly located behind the seats. The fabric of this stroller is strong water repellent, you can easily clean with mild household soap or detergent and warm water on a sponge or clean cloth.

For your children’s comfort and safety, the brakes are foot activated. A ratcheting shade canopy protects the tender skin of your babies from too much sun and strong wind. The peek-a-bow window helps you peek while they nap. This big kid double stroller has a large under carriage storage to store children’s necessities along with a conveniently located parent tray that includes two cup holders.


To keep your children entertained, this stroller has an inbuilt MP3 speaker that is sewn into a pocket on the side of the canopy. Now you jog while the children enjoy their favourite music. The speaker is compatible with MP3 players, Apple iPod and iPhone devices. Furthermore, this Baby Trend double jogger stroller is not only lightweight and sturdy but is quick and easy to fold. At the end of your trip, quickly and easily fold the stroller into a compact unit.


Keep in mind: All tires can be quickly removed making it easy to store in small spaces, or the trunks of small cars for travelling.




  • Massive storage

  • Easy to fold

  • Lightweight steel frame

  • Sturdy and comfortable

  • Adjustable seats and sun canopy

  • Smooth ride

  • Heavy

  • No reflector on the front fender

  • Not compatible with car seats


Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. High-quality materials.

  2. A particular kind of swivel lock makes jogging easy and light.

  3. Massive storage, assembly and folding are easy.


Britax B-Lively Double Stroller

Cruising smoothly is twice the fun with a Britax B-Lively double stroller. This side-by-side everyday stroller can be used by both newborn twins or toddlers or a combination of newborn and toddler. The Britax double stroller for bigger toddlers can accommodate up to 50 lbs per seat. You can even accommodate a 6-year-old child in it. Therefore, it can be used for children with medical conditions. The seats are very roomy with plenty of headroom and a big footrest.


This big kid double stroller is also a great stroller for big kids and babies, you can use it with one infant car seat and one toddler seat. It is a car seat compatible stroller, allowing you to attach the Britax B-Safe infant car seat to the stroller frame using the adapter (sold separately!).

A total all-in-one package! It has all the features you hope for including, all-terrain wheels, multi-position recline, adjustable handlebar and a self-standing quick fold. The stroller seats have a multi-position recline. You can have your babies laying back to take a nap or sit upright. For more comfort, the stroller seats also have adjustable footrests that give support to the legs while riding the stroller. All this with a five-point harness that keeps your babies safely strapped to the stroller seat during a ride!


Let’s talk about the wheels, as mentioned above, it has all-terrain wheels that let you cruise smoothly and easily over any terrain, come what may. The grassy-terrain parks, smooth sidewalks or rough unpaved paths! With lockable swivel front wheels, it is easy to manoeuvre. The shock-absorbing all-wheel suspension system prevents jiggling while you move. Altogether, you and your babies are in for a smooth and bump-free ride.


What other features would you like the most? Canopies and storage basket. The large extendable canopy provides enough coverage. Your babies are protected from harmful UV rays with a sunproof UV 50 with breathable ventilation windows that keeps both children cool while cruising. The double stroller has a large rear-accessible basket for storing essentials. Carry your diapers, toys or snacks while on the go. Moreover, two zippered pockets for parents’ valuables. It folds up nice and is easy to store.


Keep in mind: It may not be as massive as other double strollers yet it is hard to carry around.





  • Adjustable handlebars

  • Good ventilation

  • Spacious storage basket

  • Easy to fold and unfold

  • UPF 50 sun-proof canopy

  • Taller, larger and older kids feel at home in it

  • Additional accessories are costly

  • Heavy for smaller parents


Why will you love this big kid stroller?

  1. You can use the same stroller from birth to 6-years of age.

  2. Extendable large canopies to protect your babies.

  3. Long seat and high weight limit.

Remember, if you are looking for a stroller for older children, bigger toddlers or a child with medical conditions, pick the right capacity and other features that fulfil your needs. It’s not safe to exceed the weight limit as it will become less stable or might even break. Most importantly, the child will be uncomfortable.

Do you have a favourite stroller for big kids? Let us know in the comments!