Taking an at home pregnancy test is a great way to calm a worried mind.  This is a way to get instant and clear results about whether or not you are indeed pregnancy.  The biggest problem that many women have when it comes to home pregnancy tests is that they are not always clear to read.  This is because these tests use dyes and liquids to show you a positive or negative reading and sometimes those little blue lines are hard to read.  Most women who are experienced in taking those types of home pregnancy tests know that a light line still means that the test is positive but they do unfortunately leave a lot more questions than answers.

There are many new home pregnancy tests available on the market that offer a digital read out.  This is the best way to get a definitive answer to a positive response.  This is an important thing to look for if you are unsure about to read liquid and dye home pregnancy tests.  Some people even opt for taking apart their dye pregnancy tests in hopes of getting a more clear view of the little blue and pink lines.  One test that has been ahead of the game when it comes to digital readings is the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test.  These tests were one of the first of their kind to allow you to actually see a “pregnant” or “not pregnant” response.

Is The Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test Accurate?

One thing you should understand about the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test is that this home pregnancy test can be used when it comes to early pregnancy detection.  But keep in mind that it is actually likely that if you take this test too early before your missed period that you will always get a “not pregnant” response even if you are indeed expecting.  It is recommended that you use the Clearblue Advances Pregnancy Test one the day of your missed period or the days following if you want the most accurate response.  Because the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test does have a higher price tag than dye and liquid tests, most women choose to use this test as a final definitive answer.  This is because for many women seeing the test actually read “pregnant” brings them a sense of relief.

Even thought the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test uses different technology to give you a clear reading, it works just the same as other home pregnancy tests do.  This works by collecting urine on a testing strip and calculating the level of the pregnancy hormone hCG in your system.  This hormone is always found in your system, especially if you have a regular period but the amount will be higher if you are pregnant.  This is because when the sperm implants itself into an egg and extra amount of this hormone is released in order to help form the fetus.  The Clearblue pregnancy test then takes your sample and uses the data to determine if whether or not you are expecting a child.

When it comes to accuracy, the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test is one of the higher rated tests.  This is because it claims to give you a 99% accurate reading if the test is taken in the first week of your missed period.  This percentage does stay the same when taken weeks after your period is missed so there is very little wiggle room for doubt.  If you want to use this test for early detection, you certainly can, but the results won’t be as reliable.  The Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test will give a reading if taken up to five days before your missed period but the results will only be 65 percent accurate.  If you take it later past this date the percentage only goes up higher so it is best to wait if you want a clear answer.  If you take the test three days before your missed period it jumps to 90% accurate so in the long run it is really worth it to wait the extra day or two so you are not wasting your time and money.

The Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test is so accurate because it needs very little extra hCG hormone to give you a clear result.  While other at home pregnancy tests need up to 50ml of this hormone, the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Tests only needs at least 20ml of hCG.  That being said, every woman is different and every level of hormone will be different for each pregnancy so if you do take the test early and get a negative response, that won’t be you are not pregnant so continue to take certain precautions until you test again after your missed period.

How to Use the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test

When it comes to actually taking the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test, you have two main options to choose from.  The cup collection method is the most sanitary and fool proof.  While this is the simplest way to ensure that you are taking the test correctly, it does take a little bit of preparation.  You need to have a clean cup handle for collecting a sample.  To avoid any cross contamination, it is always best to use a disposable cup.  From there you will simply fill the cup up slightly and then slowly dip the tester end of the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test into the cup for fifteen seconds.

The other way of collecting a sample is to simply hold the test directly in your urine stream over the toilet.  This takes a little more getting used to when it comes to getting it right so if you are worried about oversaturation , try the cup method for your first test.  Whichever way you choose to use the test, the end result will be the same.  The Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test takes three minutes to develop so leave the test alone and untouched until the timer is up.  Disturbing the test too much can result in an error which means that you will have to throw out the test which is bad news for such a pricey pregnancy test.

When it comes the results, Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test is completely unique in not only the way you read the results but also in the information it gives you.  When the three minutes are up you will be able to read a clear “pregnant” or “not pregnant” reading and you will also get an estimation of how far along you are.  This used to only be done in doctor’s offices with a blood test which makes the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test truly remarkable.  Obviously, you will only get an estimated date only if the test is positive.  This test will even give you an estimated week if you have yet to miss you period with the 1-2 week reading.  The other options that you can see are, 2-3 weeks pregnant and 3+ weeks pregnant.  With the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test you not only get peace of mind, but you are given the right tools for the next stages in planning your pregnancy.

Final Thoughts on the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test

At home pregnancy tests have come a very long way in the information they have given you and the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test is the proof.  Being able to calculate how many weeks pregnant you are may not seem like that big of a deal, but it will actually help you a great deal when it comes to what you should do next.  Many times after a woman gets a positive result on their at home pregnancy test, their next step is to call their doctor for final confirmation.  Many times, a doctor’s office will ask you to wait until one week after your missed period before making your appointment which might leave some women a little nervous.  Having a time estimate when it comes to how many weeks pregnant you are will allow you to better plan out when you should set up and appointment with your doctor.  This will also allow you to better calculate a possible due date for your child which will help in planning out future events.

The Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test is on the higher end of the at home pregnancy test price scale, but you need consider all of the extra benefits you are getting.  The main reason why this pregnancy test is marked so high is because it is an extremely sensitive test.  Having a sensitive test is an important part of pregnancy detection because it takes so little pregnancy hormone to give you a positive result.  Another reason why the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy test is so well regarded is because you no longer need to squint to try to read out tiny faded pink lines because you will get a clear reading each and every time.  While the cost of the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test is higher, it is so sensitive and easy to use that you may actually be saving money in the long run from having to buy other pregnancy tests because you can get a clear answer the very first time.