Umbrella strollers are a convenient purchase for parents as their child grows older. Instead of taking the bulky, standard stroller, parents can pick the lightweight choice for quick errands or travel. They aren’t all created equally. Some umbrella strollers have no extras, just a seat with wheels and a handlebar. Then, there are choices for the best umbrella stroller with canopy and all the extras.

There are a lot of reasons to purchase an umbrella stroller. If you have a compact vehicle, the fold is small, so you can virtually take them anywhere. Lightweight is an understatement in most cases. Even fully loaded umbrella strollers can weigh less than 15 pounds. Some weigh less than 10lbs! If you want to leave the baby at home, with the primary stroller, and take your toddler to the park, an umbrella stroller is a convenient choice. Overall, convenience is an important, driving factor for parents.

Types of Features to Look for in an Umbrella Stroller

If you go for the basic ones, you aren’t going to get many extras. They are priced pretty cheap; most are under $25. However, you do get what you pay for in terms of features. If you want something beyond the basic stroller, here are some things you might be interested.

  • Storage: Every parent knows that babies and toddlers require a number of items when you are on the go. From diapers to extra clothes, it is wise to think ahead. Some storage space is a nice feature to have in a stroller. A storage basket under the seat is the most commonly found choice, but some companies add a mesh bag behind the seat. Either way, storage always tops the list of necessities for parents.
  • Reclining: Most umbrella strollers are for quick trips and errands. However, if you are planning to use it for traveling, you may want to find one that can recline. It allows your child to take a nap while on the go, and younger children can comfortably sit in the stroller.
  • Cup Holders: This feature goes along with storage. You need at least one cup holder for that essential cup of coffee while heading to the park. It is even better when an umbrella stroller has a cup holder for the child as well. It is a rarity to find one with a child and parent tray, but they are great features if you can find it!
  • Canopy: We are going to look at umbrella strollers with canopies specifically. Canopies are a necessity, blocking your child from dangerous UVA and UVB sun rays. Also, your baby is protected from rain if you get caught in a shower! Considering the size of the canopy is important. A small one isn’t going to protect your baby from much. Children will thank you if you purchase an umbrella stroller with a very generously sized canopy that protects them from all the elements. The stroller would get bonus points if they included a peek-a-boo window that lets you check on your napping child without disturbing them.

How Long Will The Stroller Last?

One major thing to consider before purchase is how long your child can use it. Many umbrella strollers have very low maximum weight recommendations, such as 30 pounds! That isn’t going to be worth your money because you won’t get to use it very long.

A wise investment is a stroller that will last for a few years. Even though you will pay a bit more, find an umbrella stroller with a higher weight capacity. 40 to 55 pounds will allow you to use it for a longer period of time. Cheap strollers tend to buckle or sag when your child is at the higher weight, so look for reinforced seats that can handle the increased weight.

Our Choices for the Best Umbrella Stroller with Canopy

  1. Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant is out to prove that parents don’t have to break their bank to get a quality umbrella stroller. Their 3D Lite is one of the best-sellers, with over a thousand positive reviews! Parents love all of the included features and thoughtful details that make it an excellent choice for families.

The most notable quality is its weight. The 3D Lite weighs a mere 12 pounds because it is designed with a durable, aluminum frame. This excellent material drastically decreases the weight while ensuring it’s strong enough to hold a 50-pound child. It is an excellent choice for parents who travel because you can easily fold it and pick it up for public transportation. Folding requires three easy steps, taking only a few seconds. You lift the rear handle, push the foot lever down and fold! Once folded, there is an auto-lock and a carrying strap.

Here are some other impressive features that parents love about the 3D Lite.

  • The canopy is large and adjustable, blocking your child from harmful rays. For more protection, there is a pop out sun visor that can block 99% of UVA and UVB rays!
  • It features a unique open design that allows the seat to recline almost flat, perfect for napping or easy diaper bags.
  • The frame also allows easy access to the generously sized storage basket under the seat. There is also a rear storage pocket for items like your keys and a cup holder for your drink or your child’s bottle.
  • A five-point harness grows with your child, adjusting to three different height positions. Summer Infant added padding to the harness for extra comfort.
  • Parents can purchase this stroller in six different colors: black, tropical green, Caribbean blue, Hibiscus pink, tangerine, and citrus.

It is easy to see why parents love the Summer Infant 3D Lite. Usable from birth up to 50 pounds, parents love all of the extras included, like the cup holder and generously sized storage basket. Best of all, it won’t break the bank!

Reviews of the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

There are very few products, if any, without some kind of negative reviews. However, most of the 3D Lite reviews are positive based. With over a thousand reviews and a 4.4 out of 5-star rating, it is clear that parents really do love this product.

Positives Listed by Parents

  • The frame feels sturdy with durable seat fabric. Unlike cheaper strollers, this one doesn’t feel like it will break with a lot of usages.
  • Parents can recline the stroller to a near flat position, which is a rare feature for most umbrella strollers!
  • The front wheels of the 3D lite can swivel, allowing parents to maneuver around turns and corners easily.
  • Folding this stroller isn’t complex, taking only a few seconds.

Negatives Listed by Parents

  • Even though the canopy is nicely sized, it isn’t as big as other options on the market.
  • The shoulder pads on the harness are easily removed, even the child can take them off. They are likely to get lost.
  • This stroller is low to the ground, leaving little leg room for your tall

Most parents note that the stroller is easy to set and super lightweight, ideal for everyday use. You can lift it without any problem. If you are on a budget and want a stroller for traveling that you can use for your younger infant or toddler, the Summer Infant 3D Lite is the way to go!

  1. Joovy New Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller

Joovy creates innovative, stylish, modern products with great features. Joovy’s New Groove is their update of the original Groove Ultralight. It is a lightweight stroller, weighing 13 pounds, that is comfortable and durable. Made from lightweight 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, the New Groove is strong and meant to hold a child up to 55 lbs.

New Groove is a reliable stroller for parents that is safe for your baby. They used non-pinch hinges with reinforced side supports. The design of the stroller prevents it from flexing inward when you place a heavier child on the seat. Cheap strollers flex in and compress when you put a bigger kid in the seat. The New Groove holds its form without any bending.

Here are some other impressive features of the Joovy New Groove.

  • The canopy is one of the best on the market. It provides a lot of protection for your child, including an extendable sun visor that covers a majority of the seating area. A peek-a-boo window allows parents to keep an eye on their child. You could also purchase a rain cover separately for inclement weather!
  • It offers a deep, 149 degrees, recline, perfect for kids three months old and up. There are multiple seat positions available, so your child is comfortable at all times. The footrest has two adjustable positions for your growing kid.
  • All-wheel suspension creates a smooth, comfortable ride even if you are on uneven or rough terrain. You can go over grass or gravel without a problem.
  • Dual brakes allow you to park the stroller when you stop.
  • There is plenty of storage space available. A lower storage basket, a zippered pocket parent, a mesh bottle holder, and two mesh pockets inside of the seat area provide ample space for everything you may need. Your child even has a place for their snacks and drink.
  • It features a compact fold with an auto-lock and a mounted carrying strap for convenience.
  • Best of all, the Groove Ultralight meets all of the safety standards set by the US CPCS and ASTM.

Joovy makes thoughtful products, with both parents and children in mind. They know what parents are looking for in a stroller, and they also understand what children need. Comfort is also at the forefront for Joovy, with comfortable padded seats that are machine washable. The materials used are always durable, but gentle on the skin for the child.

Reviews of the Joovy New Groove Ultralight

With a 4.3 out of 5-star rating, Joovy hit the nail on the head with this umbrella stroller. Overall, parents have great things to say about it, and most are extremely happy with their purchase. Of course, there are always a few negatives, so let’s take a look at what parents have to say.


  • The canopy is actually generously sized, capable of covering most of your child while on the go.
  • Overall, the stroller feels lightweight and is easy to carry with the included strap. You won’t have any issues going up and down stairs or onto public transportation if you’re traveling.
  • It is great that stroller offers multiple reclining levels and an adjustable footrest because the Groove truly does grow with your child.


  • Despite its fantastic design, it was difficult to push the stroller with one hand. If you happen to find yourself with only one hand, you may struggle to maneuver it where you need to go.
  • The storage basket, while generously sized, is hard to access at times. If the seat is reclined, you won’t be able to get anything out of your diaper bag.

Most of the negatives seem to center around wheel complaints. Some had trouble with them turning, but Joovy is quick to provide replacement parts if you have a damaged stroller. Even with a few negative reviews, the New Groove is a fantastic choice for an umbrella stroller with canopy.

  1. Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

Graco is a leading brand for children products. Everyone knows Graco. There is a good chance you own at least one of their products! Their Breaze is a lightweight stroller with a very easy to use folding mechanism. The top reason to purchase the Graco Breaze is that it accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats, allowing you to create your own travel system.

Most umbrella strollers don’t allow parents to use it from birth up to 50 pounds, but you can with the Breaze. Of course, you could always purchase a standard travel system with an included infant car seat. However, the Breaze is lightweight compared to most choices, weighing only 17 pounds. You will be able to lift it in and out of your trunk without any issues.

Here are some of the other features of the Graco Breaze.

  • It features an extra-large, UV 50 canopy that covers most of the seating area.
  • Front wheels swivel so parents can easily maneuver around turns and corners. The suspension system creates a smooth, gentle ride even over rough and uneven terrain. If you reach bumpy terrain, you can just lock up the front wheels for additional stability.
  • A removable cup holder for parents is a convenient feature. You have a place for your water bottle or coffee cup!
  • There is an extra-large storage basket, providing ample space for all of your child’s necessary items.
  • You can fold the stroller with one hand, which is a great feature! If you have your baby on the hip, you don’t have to struggle to close it up.
  • A three or five-point harness keeps your child safe and secure while on the go. The seat features a multi-position recline that is perfect for naptime or comfort.
  • Graco created the stroller with gender neutral tones, so it matches anything!

Graco provides parents with another fantastic choice for an umbrella stroller with a canopy. It has all of the necessary features and qualities that parents want to find in a stroller. From excellent comfort to abundant storage, the Breaze offers a lot to parents.

Reviews by Parents of the Graco Breaze

Let’s take a look at what parents who have the Breaze say about this stroller! It is always best to check the reviews to see what people think once they receive it in the mail.


  • This stroller actually lays totally flat. Many claim it’s flat when it isn’t. If that is an important feature for you, Breaze is perfect!
  • It glides over uneven terrain very easily, such as gravel and cobblestone, without disturbing your baby.
  • When folded, it is a very compact stroller. You won’t have any trouble fitting it into any sized trunk!


  • The shoulder straps aren’t easy to adjust, which is frustrating because your child is going to grow!
  • Tall parents could benefit from having a handlebar extension. You may have to lean over a bit at times!

It is easy to see why parents love the Graco Breaze! It is lightweight, easy to use and provides ample storage for parents. Plus, you can use it as a travel system if you have a Graco Click Connect infant car seat! Most umbrella strollers cannot accommodate a car seat, so this is an impressive feature!

  1. UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

Our last choice for the best umbrella stroller with canopy is by UPPAbaby. Created with luxury in mind, the G-Luxe is a lightweight stroller, at 15 pounds, combined with functionality and comfortable. It is packed with features but doesn’t weigh you down!

The G-Luxe is designed for quick trips such as errands or sightseeing. It is one of the lightest in its class and features a one-handed reclining seat with an adjustable footrest. UPPAbaby made sure that the stroller will grow with your child. Once you fold the stroller with the hand-level triggers, it stands on its own for easy storage. If you need to take it on the go, there is a convenient carrying strap for transportation.

Here is what else you need to know about the G-Luxe.

  • A canopy covers your child, protecting him from harmful UV rays. It features a pullout sunshade giving your child, even more, protection on sunny days. If you don’t want the canopy, it is easy to remove.
  • All of the fabric and seat pad are removable and machine washable. This feature is great because, as parents, we know spills are going to happen!
  • If you are on the taller side, the ergonomic handles are tall and adjustable, perfect for parents of all heights.
  • There is an included cup holder for parents.
  • 75-inch diameter wheels allow you to take your child with you anywhere, from the park to outdoor festivals. There is a simple, one click brake to keep your little one safe.
  • You can use G-Luxe from three months old up to 55 pounds, giving you ample time to use this stroller!

Reviews from Parents on the UPPAbaby G-Luxe

The G-Luxe receives a 4.1 out of 5-star rating, so it is safe to say that parents think it is a fantastic choice for an umbrella stroller. There are plenty of positives listed for it, as well as a few negatives, so let’s take a look at what parents have to say!


  • It is a great quality stroller that is sturdy and reliable. It will last you years to come!
  • The canopy has the additional coverage, perfect for sunny days or when a small rain shower begins, and you are outside.
  • When folded, it can stand on its own! The fabric won’t get dirty, and it makes it easier to get loaded into your trunk.
  • Despite the fact that it doesn’t recline flat, it reclines well compared to other choices. Your child will be comfortable on the right.


  • At times, it can be hard to reach the storage basket under the seat.
  • When folded, the G-Luxe is bulky compared to other choices. You will want to make sure the dimensions fit your vehicle.
  • If you are on the shorter side, you may find the handles are too high and uncomfortable.

Overall, the G-Luxe is loved because of its high-quality. Parents love that it will last for years ti come. Babies find it very comfortable, especially the abundant reclining positions.


There isn’t one stroller that works for all parents. It is important for you to consider your demands and wants along with the activities you have planned for the stroller. You may want it for trips around town, or you could be at a grassy festival. Either way, you want a stroller that is easy to use and comfortable for your baby. Whether you want a basic umbrella stroller or one with all of the bells and whistles, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your family.