We all have used at least a few pencil grips during our years as a student. All pencil grips serve the same purpose, helping the child develop the correct, tripod grasp. Young children struggle at times to get the proper hold on a pencil. The goal is to eliminate the four finger hold that many kids use in the beginning.

The best pencil grips for kids provide different ways to get the correct grip. Every child holds a pencil in a certain way, and there are certain pencil grips for each hold. Let’s take a look at the different choices and when they are the best option for your child.

7 Options for the Best Pencil Grips for Kids

  1. The Pencil Grip Original Universal Ergonomic Writing Aid for Righties and Lefties – 6 Count

The Pencil Grip Original is one of the best-selling choices on the market! It is the original, ergonomic writing aid that helps make the process easier for kids. It improves handwriting, gives more control and reduces hand fatigue. The design is patented, encouraging the proper position for gripping.

You can use The Pencil Grip if you are an adult or child, and it works for righties and lefties. It is a choice for a training tool or a permanent extra for comfort. You can use it for pencils, pens, crayons, and more. The Pencil Grip is an excellent choice if your child has common problems like fist grips, thumb-wrapping, and white-knuckling. Occupational therapists encourage the use of this product to aid children.

  1. WriteRight Pencil Grip – 2 Pack

Another top rated choice for the best pencil grips for kids is the WriteRight. It is an innovative, patented handwriting solution that uses an ergonomic grip with an integrated mechanical pencil. Unlike other choices, the WriteRight has a tail feature that uses the entire hand when your child writes. The tail stabilizes the ring finger and pinky finger. It is an ideal choice for young kids who are just learning how to write.

Occupational therapists highly recommend the WriteRight. It provides the right support for a child’s hand in a natural way. This pencil grip keeps their fingers in the correct position, eliminating bad pencil holding habits. If you notice your child is developing bad habits, it is a good idea to stop them as soon as possible. The WriteRight is an invaluable tool for all kids!

  1. The Pencil Grip Writing Claw for Pencils and Utensils

The Pencil Grip makes another fantastic choice for pencil grips. The creators intended the Claw to help children who have problems with thumb-wrap and fist grips when writing. The medium size Writing Claws are perfect for children K through 5th grade. The claws can stretch to fit all writing instruments, and it is a universal design for righties and lefties. Talk about a versatile product!

The Writing Claw develops a proper grip by using control over the entire hand. It holds the fingers in the correct position for all children. The undersides of the finger cups ensure proper placement. Parents and pediatricians recommend the Claw for all kids including those with Autism or developmental disabilities!

  1. The Classics 12-Pack Triangle Pencil Grips

If you are looking for a simple choice that reminds you of your childhood, try the Triangle Pencil Grips. This traditional style is one of the oldest and commonly used pencil grips. With its three-sided design, it is a highly functional grip that gives a place for each of your child’s fingers to rest as he learns to hold the pencil properly.

The only downside to using the Triangle Grips is that they only fit regular sized pencils. You can’t use them with larger pencils or large crayons. However, these are one of the most popular choices for the best pencil grips for kids because it works. The design is simple, but it is perfect for a child trying to figure out how to hold his fingers in the right place.

  1. The Grotto Pencil Grip

Do you want a different pencil grip for students of all ages? The Grotto Pencil Grip is designed for writing comfort. Each package contains three pencil grips that you can use for both lefties and righties! The material is a soft rubber, so your fingers won’t get tired or sore when writing.

The Grotto was created and engineered by occupational therapists who specialize in helping children practice and master handwriting. You’ll notice right away the unique shape of the Grotto. It is designed to improve writing habits by ensuring that once fingers are placed correctly, they are kept there!

  1. Abilitations Eggs Ohs! Handwriting Grips

Abilitations handwriting pencils grips are created to improve motor control, legibility, and quality of written work. Unlike other pencil grips, they are egg-shaped and has three arches for developing their small muscles. The grips are made with rubber for durability; it resists abrasions and forces.

Eggs Ohs were developed by a therapist and handwriting expert. You could use them in special needs learning environments or with your children at home! Not only do they help with motor control and legibility, but children also work on sensory processing, mobility, language, and communication skills when learning how to hold their fingers correctly.

  1. The Classics 12-Pack Soft Foam Pencil Grips

The last choice for the best pencil grips for kids is the Classic Soft Foam Grips. We all have used these while in school! The foam is soft and comfortable, perfect for those long writing assignments. These grips are the most well-known style available.

Soft Foam Grips are great for comfort, but they also aid in helping your child hold the pencil correctly. If your child has bad habits, these may not be the ideal choice. However, they are perfect for the kid that needs just a bit of work or gets hand cramps frequently.

If your child needs help holding a pencil correctly, one of the best pencil grips for kids helps to show them how to keep them. They also keep your hand comfortable during long periods. Luckily, there are some great options for parents and teachers to try!